News on some upcoming posts.

I have something special for you in the oven, but I don't know exactly when it'll be ready. I'm making a TOP 5 (or TOP 10 if I'm not too lazy) favorite NES games.

I hope to have the quick reviews ready to be posted this month. Just wanted to let you guys know.
Have a nice day!

Let's play: NES' Megaman

Please, take a good look. Here you have the very FIRST, the one that started all. With all the fame this franchise has you bet this game has a great cove-

Come ON!

Is that some kind of futuristic cop? Some avant-garde cosplay? Nope, it's the real deal.

"Kill me now, end my suffering".

Give it a rest, McClane -you may say-, at least the cover was in HR

Writing HR on the cover =! High Res

In case you never played the original Megaman, you're in for a surprise. In this one you have a scoring system, you collect points from killing minions, picking up what they drop and defeating the stage boss. It seems it didn't work out as well as they wanted since we don't see the same system in the other games. Ok, enough of the cover, let's get into the stages! (after the click, of course)

Street Fighter x Tekken

Here we have yet another FRANCHISE vs FRANCHISE game. Yeah, but not quite. This one has a twist that you may or may not like.
What is it, you say? Well, I don't know if you remember the original cover of the first Megaman game:

Is that... Megaman?

When you heard that Street Fighter x Tekken would have Megaman I'm sure you had something else in mind because, believe it or not, they're using (for the first time) the looks of the cover on Megaman. Atrocious?, kind of funny? You'll be the judge:

You can't be serious.

Vidya Gaem Awards. What is that?

Yesterday some of us watched the /v/GA (or Vidya Gaem Awards), but for those who didn't and those who don't even know what is that, I present you a small FAQ:

It's a cool looking logo, huh?

What are the /v/GA?
The Vidya Gaem Awards are videogame awards (duh) presented by /v/ - The Vidya. I'll just copypaste a fragment of their About us page:  They were born in early December 2011 as a response to the Spike VGAs, which were worse than anybody could have predicted and an insult to the entire gaming industry. The /v/GAs are run for /v/, by /v/. It couldn't be done without the help of countless anon in figuring out categories, nominations and finally voting for the winners.

Where can I see them?
Check out the official website. They uploaded the show (wich lasted one hour and forty-five minutes) to Youtube but it was deleted really quick. It wasn't a surprise, one of the skits was a bit disturbing and NSFW. Update: they uploaded a censored version.

Is this a real thing?

Enough of the FAQ, let's move on to a synopsis (don't worry, I won't spoil anything). Click on read more (or whatever it says here) for the full article:

Game Reviews: Resurrection

Did you think this blog was dead?

Can't blame you, I believed so myself for a while. But there was a notorious videogame related event that made me change my mind.

Anyway, I'll try to post at least once in a while. Peace out.