Street Fighter x Tekken

Here we have yet another FRANCHISE vs FRANCHISE game. Yeah, but not quite. This one has a twist that you may or may not like.
What is it, you say? Well, I don't know if you remember the original cover of the first Megaman game:

Is that... Megaman?

When you heard that Street Fighter x Tekken would have Megaman I'm sure you had something else in mind because, believe it or not, they're using (for the first time) the looks of the cover on Megaman. Atrocious?, kind of funny? You'll be the judge:

You can't be serious.


Publius said...

hahah still i'm lookin forward to this one

Shockgrubz said...

He aged alongside his first fanbase. I can't say I"m mad about it, though. It's kind of funny.

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