Let's play: Learn to fly 2

The idea behind the game is simple: you're a penguin and you want to fly. And you almost did it in the first game but, sadly, you ended up in the hospital. Don't worry, your insurance covered it.
Now you're (almost) all better and you want to try again.

The fish looks tasty. Sorta.

The game is about flying. You gotta fly as far as you can as fast as you can and get rid of the obstacles that you'll encounter, like a snowman (or a mountain).
You'll get money every time you land after a flying session (don't ask me where it comes from) and you get access to a store where you can buy all sorts of upgrades to achieve your goal.

Money money money.

There are challenges that pay an extra bit when you complete them.
Eventually the flying and crashing pay more, don't worry.

It's fun for a quick video game fix. Nothing super great but still fun. Give it a go and see how many days it takes you to finally fly!

Let's play: Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2 is a sort of roguelike light with pixel art, which gives the illusion of being a retro game. This has been overused recently by indie game developers and shows no sign of stopping even if we want it to.

Someone please remove this sword from my skull, it hurts like hell.

The initial art looks good, let's start a new game.

I love how it says "attempt". It could have said "begin", "start" or whatever but intead they're saying "hey, things are though out there and you're probably not gonna make it the first time". Well, let's see what you have for me, lowlands!

But first, we create our character. There are several classes to be unlocked but only the fighter is available at the start. The color selection (which is only for those weird bars) is limited but we'll overlook that. You can also choose the gender of your character. Onwards!

The floor arrows are actually made from bone dust from previous adventurers.

The controls are pretty simple and easy to get used to. You move with WASD and you attack by left clicking your enemies. You can skip a turn by clicking on yourself, use this to get the advantage and/or better position.

There's not much to say other than: good luck and play smart. Always back off if you're getting overwhelmed and click those bad guys to death before they do the same to you. Here's a few more screenshots:

Let's play: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

I absolutely love tower defense games. I can spend hours trying out different playstyles, building mazes with my towers, checking out upgrade paths and obliterating the endless waves of enemies seeking to destroy me.
Tower defense games are perfect for any sector of the public: small children, college students, the average joe and senior citizens alike can enjoy this type of game.

Let's take a look to an old favorite of mine: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Pick your poison.

This 2008 game has simplistic graphics and goes straight to business. You're immedialy asked to pick a difficulty. The lack of an intro or a logo takes points from the game but let's overlook that for a moment.
After selecting a difficulty the game explains the layout of the battlefield:

Tower defense games are easy to understand to you probably won't find a tutorial in any. Once we read what our towers do, it's time to create our defense. It's really important to spend all your money or at least build a solid amount or towers or the mobs will go straight past you.

Putting down a single tower is just a bad car crash waiting to happen.

Once you have a decent starting defense force, click on send wave and let the carnage begin!

This is after a few waves but you get the idea.

Make sure to check out Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 in Armor Games!

Let's play: Gunslugs (play store)

Hey there! I'm back with another awesome game. Gunslugs is an action packed side scroller with a neat pixel style. It reminds me of the Metal Slug series.

Ready to rumble.

The game is pretty straight forward. You run into the enemy lines and shoot your gun until they're dead. But they keep coming (and dying) and the ride never ends. It's relly fun because who doesn't like to shoot some FREEDOM into these guerrilla-army-thing-guys or whatever they are.

 Good thing they carry a lot of ammo so you'll never run out.

Another awesome thing about this game is that the levels are randomly generated so you'll never play the same thing twice! Great for playing everywhere at any time. Not to mention the catchy music.

Get to da chopa!

You can find Gunslugs in the Google Play Store so check it out!

Let's play: Flash games (Boxhead 2play rooms)

If we're talking flash games, there are some really great titles out there. Some are not that known so I will be playing (and reviewing) some of them. To start off this section I present to you the Boxhead series:

I'm sure that's just ketchup.

Here's the deal: you're a guy with a gun and a bunch of zombies want to see you drop dead. The concept isn't anything new but the gameplay sure makes up for that. In a way, it's really relaxing to shoot pixels to pixelated zombies. In the title I'm covering (Boxhead 2play rooms) you have the option to play coop so go grab a friend (wake them up if they're asleep) and jump in!

Ready to go sir!

After picking the first room that the game offers, you appear in a room with some ammo laying around and explosive barrerls. You start off with a simple pistol, but after killing only a couple of detestable undead you unlock your very first upgraded weapon: the uzi.

Those guys sure have galons and galons of blood.

You can pause with 'P' and you'll see all the things you can unlock there.

As you can see, there are tons of weapons to get and fun to be had. Make sure to give it a try! Flash games are great for short gaming sesions. McClane out.

But where are the video games

I had some issues IRL that I had to sort out BUT now that things are going well I'm bringing this blog back to life!

There are so many video games out there that NEED to be known. Stay tuned for some awesome quick reviews.

Let's play: The Binding of Isaac

You're all alone in the basement, naked, crying and surrounded by ungodly creatures and maybe a couple of flies. It shouldn't be fun but it is.

Someone help this poor child.

The Binding of Isaac is a an action-packed dungeon crawler roguelike, courtesy of the great Edmund McMillen.

You should know Edmund already.

Wikipedia says:
"The Binding of Isaac is a top-down 2D action-adventure game in which the player controls Isaac or one of six other unlockable characters as he explores the dungeons located in Isaac's room's basement. The game's mechanics and presentation is similar to the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda, while incorporating random, procedurally-generated levels in a manner similar to many Roguelike games."

It has tons of items and possible combinations, you may be a winged Isaac shooting bloody tears to your enemies or you can be a demon shooting blood lasers (really, they're blood lasers HOW COOL IS THAT).
Not everything is grim for you, some of the items can heal you back up or even spawn a couple of hearts, kind of like a health insurance.

But rejoice! You're not alone in your quest for survival. Well... you kind of are so let's say they'll avenge you when you die:

Oh come on, it's just Isaac with a hat.

Mom is some kind of sicko so she wants to kill you to prove her faith to God. That's why you go all over your basement escaping and, eventually, fighting against her (you also seem to have a gargantuan basement).
Thankfully your basement has all kinds of trinkets, tarot cards, items and monsters to set you up before you have to face Mom.

If you're new to the game or if you're not 100% familiar with the items yet I recommend having a BoI wiki open at all times so you don't ruin your own run since, of course, there are negative items that will set you down or even mess up the entire run.

Someone please explain me how did I end up in my mothers womb.

Isaac has been in more than one Humble Indie Bundle and can also be acquired via Steam of whatever you use for video games. If you haven't played it, please, give it a shot. It's worth.

If you're not convinced yet or if you want to see the game in action I advise you to check out Northernlion in Youtube. He has a incredibly large Binding of Isaac Let's Play series. And I meant it, he's close to 600 episodes.

There, there, Isaac, I'm sure Northernlion will stop torturing you eventually.