Let's play: Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2 is a sort of roguelike light with pixel art, which gives the illusion of being a retro game. This has been overused recently by indie game developers and shows no sign of stopping even if we want it to.

Someone please remove this sword from my skull, it hurts like hell.

The initial art looks good, let's start a new game.

I love how it says "attempt". It could have said "begin", "start" or whatever but intead they're saying "hey, things are though out there and you're probably not gonna make it the first time". Well, let's see what you have for me, lowlands!

But first, we create our character. There are several classes to be unlocked but only the fighter is available at the start. The color selection (which is only for those weird bars) is limited but we'll overlook that. You can also choose the gender of your character. Onwards!

The floor arrows are actually made from bone dust from previous adventurers.

The controls are pretty simple and easy to get used to. You move with WASD and you attack by left clicking your enemies. You can skip a turn by clicking on yourself, use this to get the advantage and/or better position.

There's not much to say other than: good luck and play smart. Always back off if you're getting overwhelmed and click those bad guys to death before they do the same to you. Here's a few more screenshots:


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