Let's play: Learn to fly 2

The idea behind the game is simple: you're a penguin and you want to fly. And you almost did it in the first game but, sadly, you ended up in the hospital. Don't worry, your insurance covered it.
Now you're (almost) all better and you want to try again.

The fish looks tasty. Sorta.

The game is about flying. You gotta fly as far as you can as fast as you can and get rid of the obstacles that you'll encounter, like a snowman (or a mountain).
You'll get money every time you land after a flying session (don't ask me where it comes from) and you get access to a store where you can buy all sorts of upgrades to achieve your goal.

Money money money.

There are challenges that pay an extra bit when you complete them.
Eventually the flying and crashing pay more, don't worry.

It's fun for a quick video game fix. Nothing super great but still fun. Give it a go and see how many days it takes you to finally fly!


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