Let's play: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

I absolutely love tower defense games. I can spend hours trying out different playstyles, building mazes with my towers, checking out upgrade paths and obliterating the endless waves of enemies seeking to destroy me.
Tower defense games are perfect for any sector of the public: small children, college students, the average joe and senior citizens alike can enjoy this type of game.

Let's take a look to an old favorite of mine: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Pick your poison.

This 2008 game has simplistic graphics and goes straight to business. You're immedialy asked to pick a difficulty. The lack of an intro or a logo takes points from the game but let's overlook that for a moment.
After selecting a difficulty the game explains the layout of the battlefield:

Tower defense games are easy to understand to you probably won't find a tutorial in any. Once we read what our towers do, it's time to create our defense. It's really important to spend all your money or at least build a solid amount or towers or the mobs will go straight past you.

Putting down a single tower is just a bad car crash waiting to happen.

Once you have a decent starting defense force, click on send wave and let the carnage begin!

This is after a few waves but you get the idea.

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