Let's play: Flash games (Boxhead 2play rooms)

If we're talking flash games, there are some really great titles out there. Some are not that known so I will be playing (and reviewing) some of them. To start off this section I present to you the Boxhead series:

I'm sure that's just ketchup.

Here's the deal: you're a guy with a gun and a bunch of zombies want to see you drop dead. The concept isn't anything new but the gameplay sure makes up for that. In a way, it's really relaxing to shoot pixels to pixelated zombies. In the title I'm covering (Boxhead 2play rooms) you have the option to play coop so go grab a friend (wake them up if they're asleep) and jump in!

Ready to go sir!

After picking the first room that the game offers, you appear in a room with some ammo laying around and explosive barrerls. You start off with a simple pistol, but after killing only a couple of detestable undead you unlock your very first upgraded weapon: the uzi.

Those guys sure have galons and galons of blood.

You can pause with 'P' and you'll see all the things you can unlock there.

As you can see, there are tons of weapons to get and fun to be had. Make sure to give it a try! Flash games are great for short gaming sesions. McClane out.


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