Let's play: Gunslugs (play store)

Hey there! I'm back with another awesome game. Gunslugs is an action packed side scroller with a neat pixel style. It reminds me of the Metal Slug series.

Ready to rumble.

The game is pretty straight forward. You run into the enemy lines and shoot your gun until they're dead. But they keep coming (and dying) and the ride never ends. It's relly fun because who doesn't like to shoot some FREEDOM into these guerrilla-army-thing-guys or whatever they are.

 Good thing they carry a lot of ammo so you'll never run out.

Another awesome thing about this game is that the levels are randomly generated so you'll never play the same thing twice! Great for playing everywhere at any time. Not to mention the catchy music.

Get to da chopa!

You can find Gunslugs in the Google Play Store so check it out!


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