Let's try: Capcom vs SNK2

Giving myself a break from Marvel vs Capcom 2 I looked up a similar game. I found out about Capcom vs SNK2 and borrowed it from a friend.

Ok, so far the cover looks nice.

At first glance, It's quite similar to Marvel vs Capcom 2. In this one you have the advantage of looking at the command list to know how to make the combos (it's in the pause menu). I always use Ryu first, you'll notice that the combos and stuff are similar to other games.


This game is hard. Even by lowering the difficulty level I'm having a hard time. I'm currently using Ryu, Akuma and Ioe. Let's see how this goes, I'll update later.

Starcraft, a quick guide

Continuing with some Starcraft goodness, I bring you a small but useful guide:

So an essential skill is the ability to build quickly. This is achieved by making sure you have the fastest possible resource collecting stream as well as building in units and buildings simultaneously with each other. Here are a few rules of thumb that should be follow roughly in order:

  1. If you have less than 1.5 peons (probe/scv/drone) per mineral patch, then you must build more peons.
  2. If your gas stream is not continuous then send more peons to collect gas. There should be one peon waiting to collect gas before the one in the gas collector returns to the base with the gathered gas (so the closer your base is to the gas, the fewer peons -- as few as, and typically, four -- are required to extract a continuous stream from the gas geyser.)
  3. Do not horde minerals, if you have lots of minerals (more than 500 or 1000) then build towards making a more powerful army or bolster your defence. Be sure to be constantly upgrading your existing and intended army units. Think of upgrades as having a multiplicative effect on all your units.
  4. Don't forget to build unit limiters (overlord/pylon/supply depot). Always try to lead in unit limiter building so that you are building your army continuously.
  5. If none of your army generating buildings are idle and you have the resources, then build another army generating building.
  6. Upgrade your army. For most units, it is most beneficial to upgrade one level of their defence, before offence (so they live longer while they are attacking or defending) however in the long run you need to max out on all defence and offensive upgrades.
  7. As soon as you are building smoothly, and you have enough excess minerals, expand to a new mineral patch. Depending on your strategic tastes or situation, you may wish to expand speculatively(i.e., without sending an army to defend it) in the hopes that your opponent does not notice the expansion, or you might send your army to defend the mineral patch area first before expanding. The benefit of building speculatively is that you collect minerals sooner and need not divide your army among several bases, however it is risky. A more conservative approach is to always build at adjacent resource mines/geyesers and build defences before or at the same time as your new base, as well as sending a sufficient army there. This takes more time and resources, and therefore, in of itself carries with it some long term risk.
  8. If you are still building your tech tree, it is better to let the StarCraft AI handle any battles that you might be in rather than micro-managing them. Since growth in StarCraft is explosive at the beginning, you will gain more from tech you build now than the few units you save by wasting time accurately playing out minor battles.

There are certainly exceptions to the above rules. Different maps will dictate that you modify your strategies accordingly.

Starcraft, Part 1

Starcraft gets a BESTGAMEEVER Award, right away.

Ok, now for my quick (not so quick in this one) review.

Starcraft is my favorite PC game. It's a RTS (Real Time Strategy), to put it simple, you control your race in real time and try to beat another player (or AI) before they beat you. You have 3 races to choose from: Zerg, Protoss and Terran, each one has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

The game is about a war between those three species, wich are equally balanced but with different units and technologies. The Protoss have expensive but powerful units, the zerg have cheaper but weaker ones, and the Terran are in the middle (wich gives them versatility and makes them the best choice for novice players).

Random screenshot from the game.

I'll make separated entries for each species. So, stay tuned.

After the click.

The Death and Return of Superman

When this game came out it was an instant favorite. The funny thing is that I never bought it, but I used to rent it a lot.

Tell me that this one isn't one of the best covers ever.

You start as Superman (obviously) and go trough town beating up every bad guy in sight. You have a special attack in wich you fly and come down with a punch to the floor, this one will do a lot of damage, so you better not waste it in regular foes and better save it for the boss.

Yes, you can throw them as well.

You get to play as different characters (if you're familiar with the comic, you'll see that the game is pretty accurate). You can fly as well. Remember to use this ability regularly, because in certain levels there'll be hidden things.

Take that!

I won't say much (as usual) about the game. I like to keep my reviews really short so you can find out yourself what is really inside the game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did/do.

Killer Instinct

This is one of my fighting favorites for the SNES.

I'm a robot with claws. You DON'T want to mess with me.

One thing I noticed when I first played this one was the variety in the fighters. You have a boxer, a velociraptor, a robot, a skeleton, a werewolf and so on.
The combos were another nice feature. Also, remember the Ultra? Yes, that was a nice addition.

Come on Cinder, you can do better than that.

The music is awesome as well. It fits quite nice with the game and sets a great environment.
The backgrounds could use some work, but they are ok.

I still have this black cased game laying around in my room. I wonder if I could pull off some combos after all this years...

Alien Hominid

I discovered this one in Newgrounds some time ago. You can play the first level (or a part of it, I don't remember) in there as a Flash game.

Basicaly, you're a yellow guy from outer space who goes around town shooting FBI agents. When you're close, you'll use a knife (wich reminds me of Metal Slug).

Move and Ill cut ya.

So, as soon as I saw this game in the Xbox Live Marketplace I bought it instantly.
If you like sidescrollers and, well, to shot and kill the bad guys, this game is for you.

Phew, phew, phew, phew.

Yes, Alien Hominid is a must have. I also give it a:

Read a book

I know not everyone out there share the same point of views as myself, but don't worry, i'll set up a claims helpline. Hey, I'll get to the newer games, don't worry. I'm sure you're fed up with oldies.

Back on topic, I felt like I needed to point out and important topic:
College consolidation. Remember to power off the console every once in a while so you can focus in your studies. Yes, they ARE important, even if you just want to get some video game fun.

Oh boy! I'm having such a great time!

Remember your stundent loan, yeah, work hard. University is an important thing for your future.

Plants Vs. Zombies

What can I say about this game. It's just addictive. Also, any game with zombies in it is worth playing.

I present you:


I've been playing this for a week so and time just passes by. Digital fun at it's finest.
Basically you put plants in your garden to fight off the zombies. Poor guys, some of them seem to need a nose job or at least some plastic surgery.

You have a nice variety of plants and levels, wich keeps the game entertaining. You'll play in the day and night:

How cool is that?

Also, you have a garden to water plants you gain in-game and stuff.

If you have a couple of bucks to spare, make sure to check out this tittle. As for myself, I completed it like three times now.

Super Castlevania IV

Cotinuing with the oldies, this is my favorite SNES game.

With this one you practically get an insurance that you'll have fun for the day.

Yes, I'm wearing a skirt.

In this game, where you control Simon Belmont, you will travel to a macabre scenary were you will, yeah, you guessed correctly: kill Dracula. Altought it won't be as easy as it sounds, but hey, you have a whip. You'll go trough stages beating skeletons, medusas, bats and some other foes. Remember that in this one your whip can strike in 8 directions, perfect for those little bats that come at you at the exact time you jump off a cliff or something.

Try to stop me, Dracula.

One of the best things of this game is the music. Pure power running trough your ears.

Here, have some fun facts:

The American and European localizations of the game contain some differences from the original Japanese version, which like most games in the series, is called Akumajo Dracula.

In the Japanese version of the game, there were crosses on top of some of the tombstones in the introduction. This was removed for the American and PAL localizations to avoid religious controversies. The misspelled name "Dracura" (a case of Engrish) is also clearly written (in Roman letters) on the tombstone in the Japanese version; this was replaced with an unreadable smudge in the Western versions.

As with many games on the Super NES, there were censorship issues as well. The statues in stage 6, which were originally topless, were redrawn wearing tunics, although Medusa remains topless, but lacks nipples. Blood dripping from the ceilings as well as pools of blood in stage 8 were re-colored from red to green, effectively turning it into slime or acid, and blood dripped from the opening logo in the Japanese version of the game which resembled the original Akumajo Dracula title screen from the Family Computer Disk System.

Thanks Wikipedia for that.

Mobile Phones

Yes, I know this post isn't about Video Games, big deal.

Today I was thinking back and remembering last Christmas. I wa sin the mall trying to get some gift ideas for mom and dad. I entered a store and was checking out some cell phone offers. And there it was:

Best mobile phone. EVER.

I had to buy it. Yes, I did.
This bad boy really came in handy with that light on top of it. Also, it was one of the cheapest (because, you, know, being old and stuff).

I honestly didn't buy anything that day as Christmas present.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

I'm gonna take you for a ride... I'm gonna take you for a ride... I'm gonna take you for a ride... I'm gonna take you for a ride... I'm gonna take you for a ride... 

Yeah, you know the drill. Ok, so...


Back in the glorious Play Station 2 days I got addicted to this game. Wolverine all the way. Well, and Ryu and Iron Man as well. I wasn't the best at it, but I enjoyed playing a lot. I also had fun playing Arcade Mode and getting trough all the difficulty levels. I'll share with you some game info after the click.

Wolverine all day, every day.


Oh, Contra. NES's finest.

I remember back in the day when I just couldn't beat this game. Time after time I got killed, sometimes by a boss, sometimes by the random foe (you know, those who look like football players).

Best game ever.

Then, one glorius day, I found out about the Konami Code. Back then when the Internet wasn't in every house, this kind of tricks were hardly known (unless you had a gamer friend, or, in this case, a gamer cousin).
Now I had 30 lives. THERTEY LIVES.

You can't defeat me now, I have 30 lives.

I finally beat the game.

Soon, I stopped using the cheat and start beating it just fine. In fact, I could go on playing forever, because instead of dying I gained a random life every now and then (you know, from killing someone or killing a boss).

Bottomline, this game gets the:

I still plug-in my old NES to get some Contra fun.

Coyright to the respective owners.

Hello people!

Internet Gaming, catchy, uh?

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I'll be sharing some cool flash games and stuff, feel free to stop by every now and then to check out the new posts.

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