Let's try: Capcom vs SNK2

Giving myself a break from Marvel vs Capcom 2 I looked up a similar game. I found out about Capcom vs SNK2 and borrowed it from a friend.

Ok, so far the cover looks nice.

At first glance, It's quite similar to Marvel vs Capcom 2. In this one you have the advantage of looking at the command list to know how to make the combos (it's in the pause menu). I always use Ryu first, you'll notice that the combos and stuff are similar to other games.


This game is hard. Even by lowering the difficulty level I'm having a hard time. I'm currently using Ryu, Akuma and Ioe. Let's see how this goes, I'll update later.


!Cars, Cars, Cars! said...

Well I suck at video games so i might wanna avoid this one. good review.

Fuuuuuuuu said...

good review... I want to play this

Swift Love said...

Ryu is my fav

The Drug Connoisseur said...

Old school gaming is the way to go

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