Oh, Contra. NES's finest.

I remember back in the day when I just couldn't beat this game. Time after time I got killed, sometimes by a boss, sometimes by the random foe (you know, those who look like football players).

Best game ever.

Then, one glorius day, I found out about the Konami Code. Back then when the Internet wasn't in every house, this kind of tricks were hardly known (unless you had a gamer friend, or, in this case, a gamer cousin).
Now I had 30 lives. THERTEY LIVES.

You can't defeat me now, I have 30 lives.

I finally beat the game.

Soon, I stopped using the cheat and start beating it just fine. In fact, I could go on playing forever, because instead of dying I gained a random life every now and then (you know, from killing someone or killing a boss).

Bottomline, this game gets the:

I still plug-in my old NES to get some Contra fun.

Coyright to the respective owners.


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