Plants Vs. Zombies

What can I say about this game. It's just addictive. Also, any game with zombies in it is worth playing.

I present you:


I've been playing this for a week so and time just passes by. Digital fun at it's finest.
Basically you put plants in your garden to fight off the zombies. Poor guys, some of them seem to need a nose job or at least some plastic surgery.

You have a nice variety of plants and levels, wich keeps the game entertaining. You'll play in the day and night:

How cool is that?

Also, you have a garden to water plants you gain in-game and stuff.

If you have a couple of bucks to spare, make sure to check out this tittle. As for myself, I completed it like three times now.


RedBurnsAugust said...

this game is so much fun

Alan said...

This looks really good. I'm addicted to pac-match party currently.

Firstlove666 said...

Looks like i"m going to give this game a try.

MetalliBoy said...

it's a good game

baphia said...

I remember spending so much time playing it!

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