Mobile Phones

Yes, I know this post isn't about Video Games, big deal.

Today I was thinking back and remembering last Christmas. I wa sin the mall trying to get some gift ideas for mom and dad. I entered a store and was checking out some cell phone offers. And there it was:

Best mobile phone. EVER.

I had to buy it. Yes, I did.
This bad boy really came in handy with that light on top of it. Also, it was one of the cheapest (because, you, know, being old and stuff).

I honestly didn't buy anything that day as Christmas present.


Firstlove666 said...

Old phones are never a bad thing, as long as I can text on it it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

thats nostalgia for me :p

Fuuuuuuuu said...

amazing, I didn't know that

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