The Death and Return of Superman

When this game came out it was an instant favorite. The funny thing is that I never bought it, but I used to rent it a lot.

Tell me that this one isn't one of the best covers ever.

You start as Superman (obviously) and go trough town beating up every bad guy in sight. You have a special attack in wich you fly and come down with a punch to the floor, this one will do a lot of damage, so you better not waste it in regular foes and better save it for the boss.

Yes, you can throw them as well.

You get to play as different characters (if you're familiar with the comic, you'll see that the game is pretty accurate). You can fly as well. Remember to use this ability regularly, because in certain levels there'll be hidden things.

Take that!

I won't say much (as usual) about the game. I like to keep my reviews really short so you can find out yourself what is really inside the game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did/do.


RainingPiPs said...

This game was so freaking hard when I was younger. I forget which lvl it was, but I could NEVER get past it. It was one of the best side-scrolling fighting games for SNES though.

AimlessTendencies said...

Yeah this game rocked my socks off.

Anonymous said...

God i remember this game. sooooo cash!

Secret Guide to Shaving said...

These games are the foundation of present day video games. There are so many similarities! Also, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you do decide to switch over to the D.E. razor. You'll never go back once you do!

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