Super Castlevania IV

Cotinuing with the oldies, this is my favorite SNES game.

With this one you practically get an insurance that you'll have fun for the day.

Yes, I'm wearing a skirt.

In this game, where you control Simon Belmont, you will travel to a macabre scenary were you will, yeah, you guessed correctly: kill Dracula. Altought it won't be as easy as it sounds, but hey, you have a whip. You'll go trough stages beating skeletons, medusas, bats and some other foes. Remember that in this one your whip can strike in 8 directions, perfect for those little bats that come at you at the exact time you jump off a cliff or something.

Try to stop me, Dracula.

One of the best things of this game is the music. Pure power running trough your ears.

Here, have some fun facts:

The American and European localizations of the game contain some differences from the original Japanese version, which like most games in the series, is called Akumajo Dracula.

In the Japanese version of the game, there were crosses on top of some of the tombstones in the introduction. This was removed for the American and PAL localizations to avoid religious controversies. The misspelled name "Dracura" (a case of Engrish) is also clearly written (in Roman letters) on the tombstone in the Japanese version; this was replaced with an unreadable smudge in the Western versions.

As with many games on the Super NES, there were censorship issues as well. The statues in stage 6, which were originally topless, were redrawn wearing tunics, although Medusa remains topless, but lacks nipples. Blood dripping from the ceilings as well as pools of blood in stage 8 were re-colored from red to green, effectively turning it into slime or acid, and blood dripped from the opening logo in the Japanese version of the game which resembled the original Akumajo Dracula title screen from the Family Computer Disk System.

Thanks Wikipedia for that.


amidoinitrite? said...

It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)

MikeNeuman said...

This whole series on NES and SNES was amazing and brings back lots of fond memories.

Out0fhand said...

This brings back memories. I ain't touch a NES/SNES since I was like 6.

darkmanx said...

Oh man I miss my snes, great write up.

anchors89 said...

daaaamn. alright, whipping out my snes immediately.

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