Let's play: NES' Megaman

Please, take a good look. Here you have the very FIRST, the one that started all. With all the fame this franchise has you bet this game has a great cove-

Come ON!

Is that some kind of futuristic cop? Some avant-garde cosplay? Nope, it's the real deal.

"Kill me now, end my suffering".

Give it a rest, McClane -you may say-, at least the cover was in HR

Writing HR on the cover =! High Res

In case you never played the original Megaman, you're in for a surprise. In this one you have a scoring system, you collect points from killing minions, picking up what they drop and defeating the stage boss. It seems it didn't work out as well as they wanted since we don't see the same system in the other games. Ok, enough of the cover, let's get into the stages! (after the click, of course)

Nostalgia overflow.

Every stage is unique and fun. Yes, there's an order for the Robot Masters but that makes it too easy, just do it the hard way, you won't regret it. But not everything in Megaman is fun, flowers and sunshine, you also get a fair share of rage. I mean, just look at those things:


As I was saying. Megaman is a must play in the NES library and you should be ashamed if you haven't played it. Great music, great concept, awful ugly little blue boxes that dissapear and let you fall... it has everything.

*Megaman belongs to Capcom, or Nintendo, or whoever owns it.


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Megamen is cool!

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i used to play Megaman X3 on PC :D

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