Vidya Gaem Awards. What is that?

Yesterday some of us watched the /v/GA (or Vidya Gaem Awards), but for those who didn't and those who don't even know what is that, I present you a small FAQ:

It's a cool looking logo, huh?

What are the /v/GA?
The Vidya Gaem Awards are videogame awards (duh) presented by /v/ - The Vidya. I'll just copypaste a fragment of their About us page:  They were born in early December 2011 as a response to the Spike VGAs, which were worse than anybody could have predicted and an insult to the entire gaming industry. The /v/GAs are run for /v/, by /v/. It couldn't be done without the help of countless anon in figuring out categories, nominations and finally voting for the winners.

Where can I see them?
Check out the official website. They uploaded the show (wich lasted one hour and forty-five minutes) to Youtube but it was deleted really quick. It wasn't a surprise, one of the skits was a bit disturbing and NSFW. Update: they uploaded a censored version.

Is this a real thing?

Enough of the FAQ, let's move on to a synopsis (don't worry, I won't spoil anything). Click on read more (or whatever it says here) for the full article:

Ok, you're still here. Good.

A bit of background. Back in december a bunch of guys started with some polls because they wanted to have a different kind of VGAs in protest of, ehm, other VGAs. There were a few threads here and there asking for opinions regarding the logo, the website and the show in general. It started small, actually, then they had Duke on board as well as The Best Gamers.

Personally, I was really hyped and looking forward to the event. It turns out it wasn't as cheap and ugly as some expected, there was a lot of effort put into this.

The stream went online an hour before the awards began and it showed some upcoming game trailers and some old ones (along with completely unrelated videos). But suddenly...

Oh god oh god oh god.

The count-down just added more hype to the whole thing, it started with like three minutes left. After this we had a short (too short IMO) Gal-O Sengen remix intro.


After that we had the real intro filled with 2011 references.

Of course they didn't forget the LOSS.

The intro was a modified version of the 90's cinema intro. After that we had a little explanation of what was going on, explained by Duke, the host.

Quality animation right here.

Then we jump right into the nominations. You're probably asking yourself: "wait, it really was almost two hours long?". Yes it was. The showed skits between some of the awards and some of them were good. Some.

I won't spoil the winners or anything, so I'll just say that it was a good show. Many people disagrees and some people hated them. Personally, I look forward to next year's event.
But McClane - you may ask -, what's so special about this VGAs?
Although plaged with inside jokes, the /v/GAs are crude and unpolite. They state opinions many are afraid of stating and they punch people, companies, other shows and developers right in the face. For example, they had a TORtanic clip making fun of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

TORtanic is winning at least an award the next year. I just know it.

One of the main surprises is that /v/ was able to organize themselves and actually finish something. The stream had a little over 12000 viewers. The winners were controversial and some people claimed that the voting was manipulated or something, I think that we can take off our tinfoil hats and just be happy that they put up a good show while keeping the cancer at minim-



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